I'm a fat girl. I wear glasses. I love myself as I am and have sooo much gratitude for everything in my life.
Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden after living in Germany for over a decade (still asking myself why) - my roots & heart remain firmly in Cape Town, South Africa.
A mixed-race, right handed over-thinking bloggerpreneur. My feet on the ground but my head high in the clouds. Older than you think, heavier than it might look (actually technically obese) and a self-confessed social media junkie.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Keep on loving yourself you beautiful person you!



The Story behind FGWG

I wasn't always fat, nor did I wear glasses. But as I grew older, my metabolism (hypothyroidism combined with a love for good food) and my eyesight (genetics) changed.

I began my blog early 2015 as an outlet to express my personal style and to hopefully be able to motivate even just one over-the-BMI girl struggling with low self esteem to believe that she is the fcuking bees knees. Because quite honestly, beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes... And with us plus-sized girl theres simply "MORE TO LOVE"....

Thank you for checking out my blog. Please feel free to send us your comments and any ideas for content you would like to see. And don't forget to SHARE, SHARE and SHARE any looks or blog entries you find interesting. After all, sharing is caring:-)

Our Team

FGWG is supported by a small hand-picked team of crazy creatives, developing, producing content and assisting with business enquiries. Much love to our professional hair and make up artist AnnaAnna, photographer extraordinaire Bijon De Kock (Munich-based) and Daniel Ahlberg (my go-to in Stockholm), styling fashionistas, Nikki, Donna and Lisa and of course Matt, our talented graphic designer. Friends who stay up late, eat pizza after a shoot, pose way too much and remain quiet way too little:-)