How to instantly look like a Diva

Wanna completely transform your look in just a few short hours? - Get a weave!


I never knew it would be that simple to go full on urban Diva chick - purely by changing my hair to big, wild, crazy bohemian curls! Now granted, one needs to possess a certain level of self-confidence and "inner-divaness" in the first place to pull off this look. Its very "out there". Funny enough, I get more stares now with the brownish hair than when I had the hip length BLUE box-braids last month.

I decided to go for a crochet curly weave with side-visible cornrows to make it a bit more "edgy". The look took around 4 hours to create. Basically the whole head is cornrows with the singular curls crocheted (yes with a crochet needle) individually into the cornrows. The hair is synthetic and I chose a three coloured combo - as I simply love the blonde highlights in it.  For this look we used 6 packs of hair.


Maintaining this wild mane is already proving to be difficult and involves a curious ritual of wrapping my hair like a pineapple before going to bed - this is taking quite a bit of getting used to. I was told that this look will last about 1 month before it will look too frazzled and frizzy. Hair washing must also be kept to an absolute minimum in this time too. Tea tree oil mixed with conditioner helps with keeping the scalp disinfected, hydrated and preventing itchiness.


It's a short-lived pleasure and soon I am going to have to think about "which hairstyle to get next" but for the upcoming few weeks I am just going to enjoy the Mariah Carey / Donna Summer / Chaka Khan inspired DIVAlicious look:-)


The best English speaking optometrist in Stockholm...

Last Halloween I was on the look out for some contact lenses for a very specific costume I had in mind. I was brand new in Stockholm and had NO CLUE where to find a good, reliable English-speaking optometrist and didn't know anybody I could ask. Lady Luck was smiling on me that day when I stumbled upon Specsavers in Sveavägen 49 (Rådmansgatan T-Bana)


The staff were sooooo friendly and accommodating The store owners, Tony Lindström (optician), who also speaks German by the way -  and Sara Ek took their time to show me the selection and advise me. I felt in REALLY REALLY good hands and knew this was the store to purchase my daily lenses - which they even had express delivered in time for the party 3 days later.


Team Specsavers had obviously taken an equal liking to me and asked if they could provide me with a few pairs of new glasses as they felt I would represent their brand well. I was over the moon as my signature pair of purplish Miu Mius had seen better days.

Sara advised me on the best possible glasses to suit my face and personality. It's very important that frames suit your face, isn't it? In the end we ended up with 3 gorgeous pairs - 2 limited edition round frames by Specsavers' in-house brand called Scandimania.  I would best describe the design as "Geek Chic".  They are quite trendy and stand-offish, even though the design is quite simplistic. I love them!

My favourite favourites are the half plastic frame ones with the blue-tinted lenses.

For the more serious occasions and for all my upcoming job interviews we chose a classic-with-a twist pair from Karl Lagerfeld. Its brown fading into a darkish blue. I feel powerful, yet cool in these. Ready to be a CEO, yo:-)

In summary, I was super happy with absolutely everything at Specsavers Sveavägen and could not recommend it more highly to anybody looking for a good optometrist in Stockholm.

Fit to be a Fit Model?

Aaaaargh!!! I am freaking out at the potential to be a plus-size fit model for my absolute fashion gurus, H+M!!!

Sooooo excited to enter H+M head office in Stockholm  

Sooooo excited to enter H+M head office in Stockholm  

I applied for the position around a week ago, including a few full body shots done by my wonderful photographer, Daniel Ahlberg, and was so thrilled that they got back to me immediately to invite me to have my true measurements (daunting thought) taken this morning. 

There was nowhere to hide. There I was, standing in front of the senior pattern makers at the head office in Stockholm, pants down and trying NOT to pull my belly in, as my instincts were telling me to. "True measurements. True measurements"... 

Anna measuring me:-) 

Anna measuring me:-) 

Anyways, now it's all done and I have to wait to see if I passed the measurement test. They are looking for very particular measurements. Wish me luck guys! It would mean the world for me to be able to somehow influence the face of plus-sized fashion at H+M!!! 

Excited af!!! 

Excited af!!! 

What really happened when I dyed my hair blue

A few months ago I decided I needed a change. I had been fantasising about dying my hair blue for a long while prior but could not find a hairdresser in conservative Munich who would actually DARE bleach my hair to the extent it needed to be done in order for the bold colours to actually "take" to my hair..

"I wasn't born blue, but I was born to BE blue" : That's my favourite saying at the moment. It's so true through. I feel liberated, emancipated and the realist version of myself in years and years (possibly ever)... 

Copyright : Daniel Ahlberg Photography

Copyright : Daniel Ahlberg Photography

Don't know what it is about this bold colour that makes me feel so good... Possibly that it defies society's "norms". Possibly that I get lots of attention on the streets now, Possibly because I like the way the turquoise lights up and emphasizes my caramel skin... 

Here are my 5 most noticible changes... 

1)  Condition of your Conditioner

No matter how much you condition, it just doesn't seem enough... At the moment I get the best results with Aussie 3 Minute reconstructor, as well as a weekly Keratin treatment by Amazonliss. Of course also DAILY Moroccan Oil... Aaaargh! 

2) Kids stare

Little kids look at you like you're something fascinating. Either amazing or peculiar. And they almost always point:-) 

3) You're part of a "gang" 

Suddenly you start exchanging smiles and thumbs up with other crazy-coloured haired people. Like we're all part of a secret tribe. Hmmm, maybe I develop a secret handshake... 

4) Your conservative friends come out of the closet 

Suddenly your besties are telling you that it's "really not ideal to have a weird hair colour when interviewing for a job". Gaaaahd, if I company doesn't appreciate my look, it's not a company I want to work for.  

5)  You get referred to by your hair 

It's now no longer; "my friend, Nu will meet you"... Instead it's "my friend with the Blue Hair will meet you"... 

Have you ever dyed your hair a crazy colour? What have your experiences been? Or would you like to? Which colour? 

Look forward to hearing your








Yellow Shoes - high heels can be fun!

Gaaahd I love these shoes! Can you believe it - picked them up these Copenhagen's at the  fashion night fleamarket in Munich recently . The deal of the century! Brand new all leather (the softest, most luxurious kind) for only EURO 4,-!!!! The seller must have been crazy. I didn't question her, just grabbed them fast before she could change her mind.

Wore them to a party recently and was on my feet for over 6 hours. Despite being gorgeous and all, at the end of the day I needed to take them off and switch to flats.

The escalators weren't working at the underground station and I had to take the lift. Ok I COULD have taken the stairs theorectically, but hey like I said - my feet were hurting:-) Put the shoes on the floor of the lift to take something out of my bag and then saw this amazing picture opportunity. Got out my iPhone and went up and down in the lift til I got the picture juuuuuust right:-))))

Fat Girl bares ALL on camera...

YAY!!!! So excited to share my new blog promo video with you...


Ok so now you probably know I fooled you. Sorry. But you really shouldn't be that gullible:-)

This video was shot in Stockholm by the wonderfully talented Erasmus Talbot (Director/Producer) and Director Of Photography, Edvard Stokstad

Special thanks also to the amazing Jessie Lefler for hair and make up, Matt Van Der Walt for the truly fitting graphic design and BFF, Mio Rogvall for his cameo role as the "hold-FGWG-on-the skateboard-so-that-she-doesn't-fall-on-her-ass" friend.  I DID fall on my ass though ...haha... That's another video all on its own:-))))) Will post it soon. Promise.

Anyways, hope you like the video. We shot it under extreme situations - was the coldest most snow-rainy day everrrrrrrr. We did the best we could.

Looking forward to your comments, likes and shares.




I feel fat...

The title statement might come as a surprise to you as well, I openly declare myself as "fat girl". Just check out the name of this blog:-)

But today, despite all my body positivity preaching and messages to "love yourself as you are" etc. etc., no matter from which angle I look at myself and I feel fat..."ugly fat"... Not my usual "I'm fat, but yeah so what - I'm rocking it" kind of normal. 

I took to the scale. I weigh the exact same... I'm wearing a familiar non-stretchy outfit too and it still fits... So WHY do I think I look fatter than usual? 

Not the most flattering shirt

Not the most flattering shirt

Guess it could be bloating due to my pending period... Or water retention because of too much salty popcorn last night. Or maybe, just maybe it's simply because I'm feeling somewhat down today - and not my usual chirpy self - that I'm seeing myself differently... Could it be possible?

Yes I DO believe so! It's all about your attitude isn't it? Wait, let me try something... 

It's now 45 minutes later. I have put on some David Guetta and some Gucci Rush, Urban Decayed smoky eyes, washed my hair and put on an outfit that I feel confident it. I look at myself in the mirror now and think : "Hey hot stuff - may I have your number?"... 😜 



So you see, there's no way I could have lost considerable weight in this short period of time. Just feeling in a better frame of mind (dance music works magic for me) and now I see myself differently - more positively again. Yay!!! *happy dance* 💃💃💃

On that note boys and girls. It's the weekend - I'm going out!!! 😘 


Purple Hair - Don't Care


I am absolutely loving my latest hair colour. Its a daring colour I have been dreaming about for the last 6 months or so but my two go-to hairdressers in Munich simply refused to do for me. Firstly, because they didn't think it would suit me and secondly, because they would have had to bleach the shi*t of my hair (which means damage - and nobody wants to be responsible for damage, do they?) for the colour to take.

Fortunately, my trusted and extremely competent stylist in Cape Town,  was very excited and up for the challenge. The morning after I landed in South Africa for my annual family holidays, I was at her home studio...

Behind the Scenes:

The whole process took over 7 (!) hours. Bleaching my hair that blonde took around 3 hours alone.

Then as I wanted some silver-white highlights in my hair as well, my lovely hairdresser Tracey (contact me for her number) used the colour silver from Directions semi-perminant product line.
Ater we washed that out, she then applied a mixture of Directions' lilac, violet and conditioner to achieve the pastelly shade that I wanted. We had to apply the colour mixture twice to get it to that hue.

She freshened up my signature assymetrical bob cut and boom - I was ready to enjoy my summer holidays:-)

German men don't find me hot

A friend of mine who recently moved to Germany, confessed to me that she really doesn't feel attractive anymore - and the main reason is that the men here in this country don't really openly display their interest in women.

Sometimes they will briefly catch your eye, and then look away very very quickly before it becomes obvious... But that's it. They'll get off at the next stop without saying a word and definitely not attempting another look.

Now, have you ever been to a southern country? Say Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece... I don't know but there's certainly something about the sun and the Mediterranean that gets those guys all "frisky" and expressive. They will whistle after you. Call you "Bella or Guapa".  Turn their heads as they walk by, just to have another look - and this time to enjoy the view from the rear.  They will ask you out spontaneously and promise you the stars if your join them for an evening out.

Is it good? Is it bad? I can't say really... I grew up in a Southern country and got used to being "openly admired" by my countrymen.  I remember coming to Germany over a decade ago and also going through the same feelings as my friend. I was a perfect 10, full gorgeous hair and I would style myself impeccably for a night out with my girls... And you know what. Nothing. Nada. Nichts!!!  Sneaky looks but that's it... I felt so insecure at the time.

But then I learnt to embrace and even admire the German man's "reservedness". He shows me respect by not openly viewing me as a sex object...

But on the rare occasion when someone does walk up to me, pays me a compliment and invites me for a coffee, it feels good. Really really good to know that I still "got it" 😉

Oktoberfest 2015 - as Colourful as Munich City!

Munich (Germany) is a city filled with diversity and has welcomed me as a foreigner with an open mind and heart since I set foot here 13 years ago, much as they have recently thousands of refugees. I am super proud to live here! 

Hooray for Munich and it's open heart for tourists and foreigners...

Hooray for Munich and it's open heart for tourists and foreigners...

 The biggest folk's fest in the world, the Oktoberfest kicks off today (til 04th October) and my hometown of choice will be filled with hundreds of thousands of jolly tourists joining in on the festivities and consuming over-countable liters of beer, roast chickens and huge pretzels.

Not gonna share my pretzel... #yesIeatcarbs

Not gonna share my pretzel... #yesIeatcarbs

For the last decade or so it has become quite fashionable for women  to wear a Bavarian traditional-inspired dress called a Dirndl, which has a corsage-like top and a flared out skirt and an apron (excellently flattering for plus-sized girls by the way). Lengths of these skirts and the "in colours" vary from year to year. This year pastel shades seem to be in - but that's not my thing at all. I love bold colour! FGWG style!:-) 

Teamed up with a cute blouse and a balconette push-up bra to show off my best feminine assets and here I added a frilly petticoat and pretty handmade accessories from Italian-designer-based-in-Munich,  Arianna Amo for an added fun effect. 

This petticoat though... 

This petticoat though... 

Guys opt for a Lederhosen (decorative leather pants which goes around til the knee and usually has braces attached). Here too nowadays combined fashionably with colourful shirts - much to the dispair of local Bavarian traditionalists...:-) 

Being a Münchnerin (Munich girl) but with roots in Africa, this year I decided to get my wonderfully talented mother dearest (who lives in South Africa) to make me an "African Dirndl" dress.  She found some brightly-coloured, busy-patterned African fabric and came up with this beautiful specimen. #lovemymum  

What a fantastic African Dirndl! My mom is an amazing designer and seamstress..

What a fantastic African Dirndl! My mom is an amazing designer and seamstress..

Thank you to my cool and HOT friends from Munich's own American Football team, the Munich Cowboys for adding more colour and international flavour to this photo shoot. You guys rock and once again clearly highlight the multi-cultural feel that I love so much about the city..

We are Munich! #loveeyes

We are Munich! #loveeyes

See you at the Wiesn!!!  

Your FGWG 


  • Photos: Bijon De Kock 
  • Hair/Make up: Anna Anna
  • Jewellery: Arianna Amo
  • Shoes: Deichmann  
  • Dirndl: "Kia Mum" 
  • Blouse: C&A  
  • Petticoat: Steindler, im Tal

One size fits all - Oh really now?

Which plus-sized girl doesn't know it? You walk past this store with the gorgeous window display and everything on show is a really really good price.

You walk into the shop and it smells a like plastic but you don't care - the cheap prices lure you in.

You know - you just know - without even having to read one label that eveything has been manufactured in China.

You don't care. You want to try on everything. You scurry through rail after rail collecting armfuls of "one size fits all" items. You know it doesn't seem very realistic that the pants with the legs the size of your underarm are gonna fit you well - but it's made of a stretch fabric and well the labels DOES say that "one size fits all" - and like why would they lie? Right?...

WRONG! Those labellers are either lying scumbags or been smoking some heavy indo weed.

In the changing room you try on one disaster after the other - t-shirts that sit like cropped tops, pants that wont go up higher than half your butt,  long-sleeve jumpers that completely expose your wrists and midi dresses that look like long t-shirts. But still, the items are soooooooo cute and SUCH  a bargain you continue trying.

In the end - nothing fits, you look absolutely ridiculous and you leave the store feeling frustrated and even fatter than usual.

You leave the store and walk 200 metres down the street and come accross a similar store.  But this time the one-sizes look like a "bigger cut". You go in. You never learn...


No! No! No! - the realization of getting older

That awesome song, Landslide, has been accompanying me all day – only in my head though – no German radio station will play that kinda music.

The words ring clear in my head...

Time makes bolder. Children get older. I’m getting older too
— Dixie Chicks

This song seems to be the soundtrack of the phase of my life I find myself in at the moment – and I’m trying hard as hell to find the “stop” button. The “Rewind” button would be the absolute best though:-)

Just last night I had a look at myself in my “pretty mirror”. My pretty mirror in the dimly-lit bathroom. Much as the name suggests, this friendly mirror has always tended to make me not look “all that bad” – as opposed to the harsh-harsh, full-length, krass, natural-light specimen in my bedroom(bad bad mirror!). But alas last night the signs were obvious – and even my loveliest and loyalist of all mirrors couldn’t hide it anymore – my first grey hair! Eeeeeekkkk!!!

So most of you may think that at thirty-something, its ok to have your first grey hair and that its not at ALL that tragic or dramatic as I’m making it out to be – but honestly, I was DEVASTATED! So devastated that for the first time in years, I wanted my mommy!

I of course frantically went on a hunt in the messy drawer for the nearest pair of tweezers and plucked the Motherfcuker out! “HA! Think you can make me old before my time!”. “Goodbye old grey one”, I uttered and waved (much like the queen actually)as I flushed the bloody BETRAYER down the toilet.

Today its like there never was a grey hair and I’m a full confident head of blondy- browny-goldeny-highlighty tones again:-)

Confessions of a (Fat) Shopoholic

Oh the joy of consumable goods!

He who said: “Money cannot buy happiness“, obviously hasn’t discovered SHOPPING yet!

Every time I walk into a store filled with beautiful, shiny, overpriced things – the more useless the better – my heart elates. That feeling HAS to be happiness…it just has to!


I’m embarrassed to say but my step honestly feels light as I touch the beautiful cashmere cardigans in berry shades this winter season, the wasabi green fox fur coat is soooooooo luxurious and funky – oooh and that blingy top with the silver strands and glass beads – MUST have!

My head spins at the smells of genuine leather mixed with expensive unpronounceable perfume from the gorgeous, shiny tester bottles. For some people the head spinning would be a sign of being “unwell” or ill…For me it’s a feeling of intense pleasure and comfort.

I REALLY wish I could flip a switch and be more “down to earth” and be content with smaller, cheaper gifts. Ok, wait a minute, tinier gifts DO make me feel content – but not REALLY happy – not the way the latest Prada camouflage bag or little blue box with the female name on it starting with a “T” can make me.

I’ve been wondering about this a lot lately – why am I this way? I would never voluntarily describe myself as materialistic – but then again who would, right? And isn’t denial the first step to being guilty? Truth is every time I try to be all homely and satisfied with less, it’s a farce. Self-acceptance is really hard sometimes.

Is it my upbringing maybe – coming from a background of “have-nots” or rather “not-being-allowed-to-have-muches”? My parents, as non-white South Africans, were heavily affected by the Apartheid era. They were held back against their will and robbed of all their luxury and pride. Could it be that because I spent my entire childhood in this deprived era as well – not being exposed to brand names and overseas fashion – that this created this “monster” that I am today? Much like a wild lion finally let out of its cage.

Or is it the really the media that has my visa card on permanent swipe? The words of that  song springs to mind;

I am a weapon of massive consumption, it’s not my fault – it’s how I’m programmed to function
— Lilly Allen

 TV and glossy magazines DO have a way of making things look glamorous and sexy, don’t they? I mean ARE leggings really sexy? Of course I own several pairs, but ARE they really sexy? I personally don’t think so – but then again Glamour, Vogue and Fashion TV all say otherwise.

And my rational brain is always knocked out in the first round by my impulse.

Some find happiness in sitting at the beach listening to the waves or by making daisy necklaces on a field.

Me, I will continue to wander down the aisles, with a dazed and slightly dizzy look – admiring, touching, smelling and conjuring up images in my mind of how that sweater, jeans or scarf is going to spectacularly transform my life into something magical and beautiful.