Yellow Shoes - high heels can be fun!

Gaaahd I love these shoes! Can you believe it - picked them up these Copenhagen's at the  fashion night fleamarket in Munich recently . The deal of the century! Brand new all leather (the softest, most luxurious kind) for only EURO 4,-!!!! The seller must have been crazy. I didn't question her, just grabbed them fast before she could change her mind.

Wore them to a party recently and was on my feet for over 6 hours. Despite being gorgeous and all, at the end of the day I needed to take them off and switch to flats.

The escalators weren't working at the underground station and I had to take the lift. Ok I COULD have taken the stairs theorectically, but hey like I said - my feet were hurting:-) Put the shoes on the floor of the lift to take something out of my bag and then saw this amazing picture opportunity. Got out my iPhone and went up and down in the lift til I got the picture juuuuuust right:-))))