No! No! No! - the realization of getting older

That awesome song, Landslide, has been accompanying me all day – only in my head though – no German radio station will play that kinda music.

The words ring clear in my head...

Time makes bolder. Children get older. I’m getting older too
— Dixie Chicks

This song seems to be the soundtrack of the phase of my life I find myself in at the moment – and I’m trying hard as hell to find the “stop” button. The “Rewind” button would be the absolute best though:-)

Just last night I had a look at myself in my “pretty mirror”. My pretty mirror in the dimly-lit bathroom. Much as the name suggests, this friendly mirror has always tended to make me not look “all that bad” – as opposed to the harsh-harsh, full-length, krass, natural-light specimen in my bedroom(bad bad mirror!). But alas last night the signs were obvious – and even my loveliest and loyalist of all mirrors couldn’t hide it anymore – my first grey hair! Eeeeeekkkk!!!

So most of you may think that at thirty-something, its ok to have your first grey hair and that its not at ALL that tragic or dramatic as I’m making it out to be – but honestly, I was DEVASTATED! So devastated that for the first time in years, I wanted my mommy!

I of course frantically went on a hunt in the messy drawer for the nearest pair of tweezers and plucked the Motherfcuker out! “HA! Think you can make me old before my time!”. “Goodbye old grey one”, I uttered and waved (much like the queen actually)as I flushed the bloody BETRAYER down the toilet.

Today its like there never was a grey hair and I’m a full confident head of blondy- browny-goldeny-highlighty tones again:-)