One size fits all - Oh really now?

Which plus-sized girl doesn't know it? You walk past this store with the gorgeous window display and everything on show is a really really good price.

You walk into the shop and it smells a like plastic but you don't care - the cheap prices lure you in.

You know - you just know - without even having to read one label that eveything has been manufactured in China.

You don't care. You want to try on everything. You scurry through rail after rail collecting armfuls of "one size fits all" items. You know it doesn't seem very realistic that the pants with the legs the size of your underarm are gonna fit you well - but it's made of a stretch fabric and well the labels DOES say that "one size fits all" - and like why would they lie? Right?...

WRONG! Those labellers are either lying scumbags or been smoking some heavy indo weed.

In the changing room you try on one disaster after the other - t-shirts that sit like cropped tops, pants that wont go up higher than half your butt,  long-sleeve jumpers that completely expose your wrists and midi dresses that look like long t-shirts. But still, the items are soooooooo cute and SUCH  a bargain you continue trying.

In the end - nothing fits, you look absolutely ridiculous and you leave the store feeling frustrated and even fatter than usual.

You leave the store and walk 200 metres down the street and come accross a similar store.  But this time the one-sizes look like a "bigger cut". You go in. You never learn...