German men don't find me hot

A friend of mine who recently moved to Germany, confessed to me that she really doesn't feel attractive anymore - and the main reason is that the men here in this country don't really openly display their interest in women.

Sometimes they will briefly catch your eye, and then look away very very quickly before it becomes obvious... But that's it. They'll get off at the next stop without saying a word and definitely not attempting another look.

Now, have you ever been to a southern country? Say Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece... I don't know but there's certainly something about the sun and the Mediterranean that gets those guys all "frisky" and expressive. They will whistle after you. Call you "Bella or Guapa".  Turn their heads as they walk by, just to have another look - and this time to enjoy the view from the rear.  They will ask you out spontaneously and promise you the stars if your join them for an evening out.

Is it good? Is it bad? I can't say really... I grew up in a Southern country and got used to being "openly admired" by my countrymen.  I remember coming to Germany over a decade ago and also going through the same feelings as my friend. I was a perfect 10, full gorgeous hair and I would style myself impeccably for a night out with my girls... And you know what. Nothing. Nada. Nichts!!!  Sneaky looks but that's it... I felt so insecure at the time.

But then I learnt to embrace and even admire the German man's "reservedness". He shows me respect by not openly viewing me as a sex object...

But on the rare occasion when someone does walk up to me, pays me a compliment and invites me for a coffee, it feels good. Really really good to know that I still "got it" 😉