Purple Hair - Don't Care


I am absolutely loving my latest hair colour. Its a daring colour I have been dreaming about for the last 6 months or so but my two go-to hairdressers in Munich simply refused to do for me. Firstly, because they didn't think it would suit me and secondly, because they would have had to bleach the shi*t of my hair (which means damage - and nobody wants to be responsible for damage, do they?) for the colour to take.

Fortunately, my trusted and extremely competent stylist in Cape Town,  was very excited and up for the challenge. The morning after I landed in South Africa for my annual family holidays, I was at her home studio...

Behind the Scenes:

The whole process took over 7 (!) hours. Bleaching my hair that blonde took around 3 hours alone.

Then as I wanted some silver-white highlights in my hair as well, my lovely hairdresser Tracey (contact me for her number) used the colour silver from Directions semi-perminant product line.
Ater we washed that out, she then applied a mixture of Directions' lilac, violet and conditioner to achieve the pastelly shade that I wanted. We had to apply the colour mixture twice to get it to that hue.

She freshened up my signature assymetrical bob cut and boom - I was ready to enjoy my summer holidays:-)