What really happened when I dyed my hair blue

A few months ago I decided I needed a change. I had been fantasising about dying my hair blue for a long while prior but could not find a hairdresser in conservative Munich who would actually DARE bleach my hair to the extent it needed to be done in order for the bold colours to actually "take" to my hair..

"I wasn't born blue, but I was born to BE blue" : That's my favourite saying at the moment. It's so true through. I feel liberated, emancipated and the realist version of myself in years and years (possibly ever)... 

Copyright : Daniel Ahlberg Photography www.thetallphotographer.com

Copyright : Daniel Ahlberg Photography www.thetallphotographer.com

Don't know what it is about this bold colour that makes me feel so good... Possibly that it defies society's "norms". Possibly that I get lots of attention on the streets now, Possibly because I like the way the turquoise lights up and emphasizes my caramel skin... 

Here are my 5 most noticible changes... 

1)  Condition of your Conditioner

No matter how much you condition, it just doesn't seem enough... At the moment I get the best results with Aussie 3 Minute reconstructor, as well as a weekly Keratin treatment by Amazonliss. Of course also DAILY Moroccan Oil... Aaaargh! 

2) Kids stare

Little kids look at you like you're something fascinating. Either amazing or peculiar. And they almost always point:-) 

3) You're part of a "gang" 

Suddenly you start exchanging smiles and thumbs up with other crazy-coloured haired people. Like we're all part of a secret tribe. Hmmm, maybe I develop a secret handshake... 

4) Your conservative friends come out of the closet 

Suddenly your besties are telling you that it's "really not ideal to have a weird hair colour when interviewing for a job". Gaaaahd, if I company doesn't appreciate my look, it's not a company I want to work for.  

5)  You get referred to by your hair 

It's now no longer; "my friend, Nu will meet you"... Instead it's "my friend with the Blue Hair will meet you"... 

Have you ever dyed your hair a crazy colour? What have your experiences been? Or would you like to? Which colour? 

Look forward to hearing your comments...xxx