The best English speaking optometrist in Stockholm...

Last Halloween I was on the look out for some contact lenses for a very specific costume I had in mind. I was brand new in Stockholm and had NO CLUE where to find a good, reliable English-speaking optometrist and didn't know anybody I could ask. Lady Luck was smiling on me that day when I stumbled upon Specsavers in Sveavägen 49 (Rådmansgatan T-Bana)


The staff were sooooo friendly and accommodating The store owners, Tony Lindström (optician), who also speaks German by the way -  and Sara Ek took their time to show me the selection and advise me. I felt in REALLY REALLY good hands and knew this was the store to purchase my daily lenses - which they even had express delivered in time for the party 3 days later.


Team Specsavers had obviously taken an equal liking to me and asked if they could provide me with a few pairs of new glasses as they felt I would represent their brand well. I was over the moon as my signature pair of purplish Miu Mius had seen better days.

Sara advised me on the best possible glasses to suit my face and personality. It's very important that frames suit your face, isn't it? In the end we ended up with 3 gorgeous pairs - 2 limited edition round frames by Specsavers' in-house brand called Scandimania.  I would best describe the design as "Geek Chic".  They are quite trendy and stand-offish, even though the design is quite simplistic. I love them!

My favourite favourites are the half plastic frame ones with the blue-tinted lenses.

For the more serious occasions and for all my upcoming job interviews we chose a classic-with-a twist pair from Karl Lagerfeld. Its brown fading into a darkish blue. I feel powerful, yet cool in these. Ready to be a CEO, yo:-)

In summary, I was super happy with absolutely everything at Specsavers Sveavägen and could not recommend it more highly to anybody looking for a good optometrist in Stockholm.