How to instantly look like a Diva

Wanna completely transform your look in just a few short hours? - Get a weave!


I never knew it would be that simple to go full on urban Diva chick - purely by changing my hair to big, wild, crazy bohemian curls! Now granted, one needs to possess a certain level of self-confidence and "inner-divaness" in the first place to pull off this look. Its very "out there". Funny enough, I get more stares now with the brownish hair than when I had the hip length BLUE box-braids last month.

I decided to go for a crochet curly weave with side-visible cornrows to make it a bit more "edgy". The look took around 4 hours to create. Basically the whole head is cornrows with the singular curls crocheted (yes with a crochet needle) individually into the cornrows. The hair is synthetic and I chose a three coloured combo - as I simply love the blonde highlights in it.  For this look we used 6 packs of hair.


Maintaining this wild mane is already proving to be difficult and involves a curious ritual of wrapping my hair like a pineapple before going to bed - this is taking quite a bit of getting used to. I was told that this look will last about 1 month before it will look too frazzled and frizzy. Hair washing must also be kept to an absolute minimum in this time too. Tea tree oil mixed with conditioner helps with keeping the scalp disinfected, hydrated and preventing itchiness.


It's a short-lived pleasure and soon I am going to have to think about "which hairstyle to get next" but for the upcoming few weeks I am just going to enjoy the Mariah Carey / Donna Summer / Chaka Khan inspired DIVAlicious look:-)